Principal Range 2 - Cavendish Primary School

  • Victoria State Government - Education and Training
  • Cavendish VIC, Australia
  • 10 Jun, 2021
Full time - Permanent Principal

Job Description

Job ID: 1228606
Location: Cavendish Primary School
Department: Cavendish Primary School
Role Type: Principal
Full/Part Time: Full-Time
Ongoing/Fixed Term: Ongoing
Classification: Principal-Range 2
Apply By: 06/21/2021

Other Information
Begin Date: 07/12/2021
End Date: 07/11/2026
Hours: 38.00
Contact Name: Tammy Crawford
Phone: (03) 5574 2282
School Website:

Location Profile
Cavendish is situated in the southwest of Victoria, approximately 300 kilometres west of Melbourne. The township has a population of about 350. The largest regional nearby town is Hamilton, approximately 27 kilometres south from Cavendish. Cavendish Primary School has extensive grounds and is situated in a setting close to bushland on the edge of the township.

The school has two full time teachers, one 0.2 tutoring teacher, a teaching Principal, one Music and LOTE teacher (0.2) and a Business Manager (currently 0.5). The Principal has a teaching load of around 0.6. The school receives MARC visits three weeks out of a month.

There has been minimal change in the SFO of the school in recent years. At the beginning of 2021 the SFO Index was 0.4779 and the SFOE was 0.4404.

The school has good facilities and is in a sound physical condition. In 2011 the school underwent extensive renovations. The school’s BER project was a large covered play area/sports facility, built close to the oval which we have currently received funding for upgrades. The school has ample classroom and playground space for its students.

Enrolments for 2021 stands at 34 students. Prep enrolments fluctuate. Numbers are looking stable for the next two years as the local kinder enrolments have increased. Two school buses service the school. One covers the district to the north of the school while the other covers the east/west zones.

The school is very much a central part of the community and has a friendly “open door” approach with many parents calling (and assisting) on a regular basis. Cavendish has a very close and supportive community with a great deal of input from the parent body. This includes financial support from the Parents’ Club and the local Lions Club.This community involvement is very important to the success of the school.

Current curriculum focus is centered on improving student outcomes across the school in both Literacy and Numeracy and empowering students to be active and life-long learners. Through increased professional learning, all staff are committed to fostering an overall improvement in these areas. In a world of continual technological change, developing ICT skills is also seen as a priority for both staff and students alike.

Participating in sporting activities is highly valued by the community. All students, regardless of gender or age, are encouraged to lead an active lifestyle and to pursue their sporting achievements to the highest possible level. We have a structured fitness program timetabled in the school to promote the concept of healthy bodies – healthy minds. The school playground and equipment provides opportunities for children to play sport and creative games.

At Cavendish Primary School we strive to develop confident, responsible students who are able to embrace all the challenges of life with an open-mind and a strong optimism that everyone can make a difference and contribute positively to the community.

Selection Criteria

(a) Vision and values

Demonstrated capacity to create a shared vision, define and gain acceptance of school goals and set and communicate expectations for effective performance.

(b) Teaching and Learning

Demonstrated ability to manage the quality of teaching and create a positive culture of challenge, support and collaboration.

(c) Improvement, Innovation and Change

Demonstrated capacity to produce and implement clear, evidence-based improvement plans and policies and lead innovation and change.

(d) Management

Demonstrated capacity to ensure that the school’s human, physical and financial resources are efficiently allocated and managed.

(e) Development

Demonstrated capacity to create a professional learning community that is focused on the continuous improvement of teaching and learning, supporting all staff to achieve high standards and commitment to their own learning and wellbeing.

(f) Engagement

Demonstrated capacity to develop positive relationships with students, parents/families and the local community and participate in and contribute to system-level activities.

(g) Community Criterion

A demonstrated ability to work and lead in this small school environment, to consult with students, parents, staff, building strong and diverse community partnerships, within a happy, stimulating and productive learning environment.

The role of the principal is to lead and manage the planning, delivery, evaluation and improvement of the education of all students in a community through the deployment of resources provided by the Department and the school community.

At the same time, the principal, as executive officer of the school council, must ensure that adequate and appropriate advice is provided to the council on educational and other matters, that the decisions of the council are implemented and that adequate support and resources are provided for the conduct of council meetings.

The principal is accountable for the overall management and development of the school within statewide guidelines and Government policies. A clear set of accountabilities, which distinguish their work from other members of the Teaching Service and the education community are set out in detail in the contract of employment.

The core accountabilities of all principals are to:

  • ensure the delivery of a comprehensive education program to all students
  • be executive officer of the school council.
  • establish and manage financial systems in accordance with the Department and school council requirements.
  • represent the Department in the school and the local community.
  • implement decisions of the school council.
  • contribute to system-wide activities, including policy and strategic planning and development.
  • manage and integrate the resources available to the school.
  • appropriately involve staff, students and the community in the development, implementation and review of school policies, programs and operations.
  • report to the Department, school community, parents and students on the achievements of the school and of individual students as appropriate.

Who May Apply
Appropriately qualified individuals currently registered or eligible for registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching.


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Job Closing Date

21 Jun, 2021