Learning Support Officer, Inclusion

  • Victoria State Government - Education and Training
  • Hampton Park Secondary College, Fordholm Road, Hampton Park VIC, Australia
  • 24 Dec, 2021
Part time - Permanent Student Services Teaching Aides & Special Needs Administrative and other Support Services

Job Description

Job ID:  1260773
Location:  Hampton Park Secondary College
Department:  Hampton Park Secondary College
Role Type:  Integration Aide
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Full/Part Time:  Part-Time
Ongoing/Fixed Term:  Ongoing
Classification:  Ed Support Level 1-Range 1
Apply By:  23/01/2022
Other Information:  
Begin Date:  28/01/2022
End Date:  
Hours:  28.75
Contact Name:  Debbie Edwards
Phone: 03 8795 9400
School Website:  www.hpsc.vic.edu.au

Location Profile

Hampton Park Secondary College (HPSC) is a large, culturally diverse learning community situated in the City of Casey growth corridor. The current student enrolment stands at 1125 students with approximately 52 nationalities represented and 67 languages other than English spoken. Sixty percent of students speak a language other than English at home, 27% of students are enrolled in English as an Additional Language (EAL) and 66% of students receive additional equity funding. There are 5 Principal Class, 116 Teacher Class and 70 Educational Support Staff.

Our vision of learning excellence is underpinned by the HPSC values of Respect, Learning, and Working Together. Informing our daily interactions and decisions, these values are embedded in our whole school practice and they are supported by the high expectations that embody our School-wide Positive Behaviour Support Program.

Since 2020, we have transformed our approach to learning by enabling students to be more empowered to take control of their learning. We are committed to embedding an education model that is student-centred and focused on personalised learning pathways. We have redesigned our learning programme to enable students to excel through this research-based future-focused model, ensuring all of our students benefit from deepened learning and improved educational outcomes.

In line with this approach is our recognition that all students are unique, and that each student brings their own distinct and individual passions, interests, skills, and knowledge into our learning ecosystem.

Our world is rapidly changing and so must our approach to learning. Sir Ken Robinson reminds us that Schools Kill Creativity. Professor Yong Zhao suggests that education requires a ‘Paradigm shift’. In 2019, HPSC joined the Future Schools Alliance (FSA) and commenced redesigning our curriculum and our approach to learning to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

Learning is categorised into three stages or ‘programmes’: Explore, Enhance, and Excel. These programmes recognise the unique needs of each student as they engage in their secondary education and allow learning to be transformative, dynamic, and focussed upon growth. Our programmes allow students to ‘move through’ their secondary schooling experience in a way that better reflects their passions and abilities rather than their nominal ‘year level’.

Hence, whilst many students merely survive their time at high school, students at HPSC instead thrive in an exceptional learning environment where they are empowered and supported to create an educational pathway that is as individual and unique as they are.

At HPSC, we strive to create a culture of learning that enables learning to be done with students, rather than to students. Our innovative, tailor made approach to learning assists students so that no student is held back, and no student is left behind. Learning is an organic process. By creating optimal conditions for learning, students thrive.

We are seeking exceptional educators and support staff to join our highly professional and dedicated team to transform learning. If you believe that a different approach is needed to engage students and improve outcomes, while better preparing them for a rapidly changing world, then I encourage you to apply to join our dynamic team.

To find out more about our College, we invite you to peruse our website (Hampton Park Secondary College (hpsc.vic.edu.au)) to access our 2022 Subject Handbook located under the Curriculum Tab.

Selection Criteria

SC1 Capacity to undertake routine support tasks across a range of functions in one or more work areas within a school environment.

SC2 Demonstrated capacity to communicate effectively with members of the school community including students and the capacity to provide support and/or attendant care to students where necessary.

SC3 Demonstrated proficiency in the use of office systems, software or technical equipment as relevant to the position.

SC4 Capacity to work cooperatively with a range of people including teachers, education support, students and parents.

SC5 A commitment to professional learning and growth.


Annual Leave

A full-time employee is entitled to 152 hours (20 days) annual leave in respect of each twelve months of service and accrues progressively during a year of service according to the employee's ordinary hours of work. Part-time employees receive annual leave entitlements on a pro rata basis calculated according to the time fraction worked.

Additional paid leave - education support class

A full-time education support class employee is entitled to 228 hours (30 days) additional paid leave in respect of each calendar year. Part-time employees receive additional paid leave entitlements on a pro rata basis calculated according to the time fraction worked.

Undertakes routine tasks that are usually carried out under close supervision and direction. Work that carries some degree of independence will generally involve a limited number of tasks performed on a regular basis where priorities are clear, procedures are well established and direction is readily available.

Work has little scope for deviation. Problems can usually be solved by reference to well documented procedures and instructions and clearly established practices. Deviation from established procedures will require reference to others for guidance and direction. Assistance is readily available when problems arise.

An experienced employee at range 1 will exercise limited judgement within clearly defined guidelines and well established practices that relate specifically to the tasks performed.

Does not carry responsibility for the work of others. More experienced employees will provide basic guidance and advice to others relating to tasks within the work area.

An education support class position supports the educational services being provided to students, but must not include duties of teaching as defined in clause 2.6.1 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic) or its successor.

Supervision of students cannot be required except where it is an integral part of the employee's position or involves supervision of students individually or in small groups, in controlled circumstances, where the responsibility for students remains clearly with a teacher.

Qualification requirements do not operate at range 1. Certification requirements may be required to legally perform specific tasks - e.g. driver's licence, first aid, safe food handling.


All staff are to provide basic physical and emotional care for our students. Members of our school community can expect to be treated in a positive and respectful way.

Specific role includes:

  • Assist students on an individual or group basis in specific learning areas, under the direction of the classroom teacher
  • LSOs are an integral part of Student Support Group meetings. Duties may include taking the minutes of meetings which are to be sent to the LSO Leader for verification and distribution
  • Assist with the communication between students and teachers, particularly the interpretation of instructions
  • Provide basic physical and emotional care for students
  • Assist with toileting, meals, lifting, and administration of medication to students requiring special care, where required
  • Promote an inclusive environment by understanding and anticipating situations in which non-verbal students might have difficulties, and act as a buffer and support to facilitate the most positive outcomes possible
  • Supporting students in applied learning programs and students with behaviours of concernParticipate in team meetings
  • Under the direction of a teacher, assist with the supervision of students to ensure their own and/or other students’ safety both inside and outside the classroom, in school grounds, camps, excursions, sporting activities, therapy activities and life skills
  • Assist in the preparation of student resources and equipment
  • Prepare basic curriculum support resources
  • Observe students and draw the attention of the teacher to them where necessary
    Participate in the monitoring and evaluation of programs and evaluation of individual student involvement and achievement
  • Keep a documented record of student(s) progress / observations through case notes
  • Be prepared to undertake training in areas identified to maximise support for students with complex needs
  • Other duties as directed by the Principal

Who May Apply

Individuals with the aptitude, experience and/or qualifications to fulfill the specific requirements of the position.


Not Applicable

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Job Closing Date

23 Jan, 2022