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  • Dandenong VIC, Australia
  • 26 Nov, 2021
Full time - Fixed Term Teaching - Primary

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Job ID 1255825
Location Emerson School
Department Emerson School
Role Type Primary Teacher
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Full/Part Time Full-Time
Ongoing/Fixed Term Fixed Term
Classification Classroom Teacher
Apply By 12/08/2021
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Begin Date 01/28/2022
End Date 01/26/2023
Hours 38.00
Contact Name Carland, Lynn
Phone 97918900
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Emerson School,
1430 Heatherton Road,
Dandenong, 3175
Ph. 9791 8900 : Fax 9791 3489



Emerson School is a specialist school that provides a dynamic range of programs for primary and secondary students with mild intellectual processing disabilities.

It is a school with a reputation for providing quality services to a region that includes Rowville in the north, Cranbourne in the south, Mulgrave/Springvale in the west and Bunyip/Pakenham in the east.

Since opening its doors in 1973, Emerson School has grown to be one of the largest specialist schools in Victoria with over 2200 plus students having participated in Emerson’s programs since its beginning.

School Ethos

Four concepts underpin the spirit of Emerson School:

  1. Students, staff, parents, families and friends work together to create a positive atmosphere where praise, feedback and encouragement are the backbone of our school’s environment.
  2. All community members have a sense of ownership of our school and are proud of our achievements, programs and facilities.
  3. The school is dedicated to the development of student talents as opposed to fixating only on disabilities.
  4. Emerson is a caring school that exists to provide a quality educational service to our community of students, parents, families and schools.

Guiding Principles

  1. The school will provide a stimulating continuum of programs from the beginning of Primary school until the end of Secondary School.
  2. A student will be considered for enrolment if it can be established that he or she is eligible and would benefit.
  3. Programs will strive to meet the needs of individual students within the context of the class group in which each student participates.
  4. The school is strongly committed to exemplary procedures in the evaluation of student progress and program effectiveness as well as the establishment of goals for the future development of every student and school program.
  5. A partnership between parents and staff is essential to the achievement of school goals.
  6. The school will make best use of the skills of all staff members.
  7. The school will provide a stimulating and rewarding environment for all staff and students.
  8. The school will develop vibrant links with other schools, post-school programs, community agencies, local employers and sponsoring benefactors.

The Development of Student Personal Competencies

In preparing students for a fulfilling and exciting life, Emerson school needs to evaluate the progress of individual students in a wide range of competencies that include:

  • Initiative
  • Assertivenes
  • Honest
  • Reliabilit
  • Responsibility for one’s action
  • Accepting responsibilit
  • Problem solvin
  • Self-disciplin
  • Self-awarenes
  • Desire to lear
  • Respect for other
  • Respect for our environmen
  • Pride in the schoo
  • Acceptance of a challeng
  • Acceptance of constructive advic
  • Self respec
  • Imaginatio
  • Creativit
  • Curiosit
  • A sense of wonde
  • Generosit
  • Sharing
  • Self-esteem
  • The ability to listen
  • Co-operation
  • Independence
  • Flexibility
  • Courage
  • Perseverance

School Curriculum

The learning opportunities for Emerson students are delivered by:

  1. Pastoral Home Room classes for core subjects that include literacy and numeracy
  2. Specialist Teaching classes
  3. Teaching Support Staff
  4. Technical Skills Staff

The seven major learning areas are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Studies of Society and Environment
  • The Arts
  • Technology
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Science

The unique quality of the curriculum at Emerson School is the way in which the major learning areas are applied to meet the individual needs of every student. The broad range of curricular programs address the educational, therapeutic, developmental and pre-vocational needs of all students. The learning program is strengthened by a strong co-operative bond that exists between parents, students and staff. Without this co-operation, programs would not reach their full potential.


Selection Criteria




  1. Demonstrated understanding of the curricular learning needs of students in a P – 12 Specialist School.
  2. Demonstrated high level teaching skills in the area of physical education and health and the capacity to work with colleagues to continually improve teaching and learning.
  3. Demonstrated ability to monitor and assess student learning data and to use this data to inform teaching for improved student learning.
  4. Demonstrated high level written and verbal communication skills and high level interpersonal skills including a capacity to develop constructive relationships with students, parents and other staff.
  5. Demonstrated commitment and capacity to actively contribute to a broad range of school activities and a commitment to ongoing professional learning to enable further development of skills, expertise and teaching capacity.


The classroom teacher classification comprises two salary ranges- range 1 and range 2. The primary focus of the classroom teacher is on the planning, preparation and teaching of programs to achieve specific student outcomes. The classroom teacher engages in critical reflection and inquiry in order to improve knowledge and skills to effectively engage students and improve their learning.

As the classroom teacher gains experience his or her contribution to the school program beyond the classroom increases. All classroom teachers may be required to undertake other duties in addition to their rostered teaching duties provided the responsibility is appropriate to the salary range, qualifications, training and experience of the teacher.

Classroom teacher Range 2

Range 2 classroom teachers play a significant role in assisting the school to improve student performance and educational outcomes determined by the school strategic plan and state-wide priorities and contributing to the development and implementation of school policies and priorities.

A critical component of this work will focus on increasing the knowledge base of staff within their school about student learning and high quality instruction to assist their school to define quality teacher practice.

Range 2 classroom teachers will be expected to:

  • Have the content knowledge and pedagogical practice to meet the diverse needs of all students
  • Model exemplary classroom practice and mentor/coach other teachers in the school to engage in critical reflection of their practice and to support staff to expand their capacity
  • Provide expert advice about the content, processes and strategies that will shape individual and school professional learning
  • Supervise and train one or more student teachers
  • Assist staff to use student data to inform teaching approaches that enable targets related to improving student learning outcomes to be achieved.

Classroom teacher Range 1

The primary focus of the range 1 classroom teacher is on further developing skills and competencies to become an effective classroom practitioner with structured support and guidance from teachers at higher levels and the planning, preparation and teaching of programs to achieve specific student outcomes. These teachers teach a range of students/classes and are accountable for the effective delivery of their programs. Range 1 classroom teachers are skilled teachers who operate under general direction within clear guidelines following established work practices and documented priorities and may have responsibility for the supervision and training of one or more student teachers.

At range 1, teachers participate in the development of school policies and programs and assist in the implementation of school priorities.

The focus of a range 1 classroom teacher is on classroom management, subject content and teaching practice. New entrants to the teaching profession in their initial teaching years receive structured support, mentoring and guidance from teachers at higher levels.

Under guidance, new entrants to the teaching profession will plan and teach student groups in one or more subjects and are expected to participate in induction programs and other professional learning activities that are designed to ensure the integration of curriculum, assessment and pedagogy across the school.

Teachers at range 1 are responsible for teaching their own classes and may also assist and participate in policy development, project teams and the organisation of co-curricular activities.


The role of classroom teacher may include but is not limited to:

  • Direct teaching of groups of students and individual students;
  • Contributing to the development, implementation and evaluation of a curriculum area or other curriculum program within the school;
  • Undertaking other classrooms teaching-related and organisational duties as determined by the School Principal;
  • Participating in activities such as parent/teacher meetings; staff meetings; camps and excursions;
  • Undertaking other non-teaching supervisory duties.

Who May Apply

Teachers currently registered or eligible for registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching and qualified to teach and/or have demonstrated experience in the curriculum area(s) specified for the position.

Vaccination Requirement

A person is not eligible for employment in the Teaching Service unless that person meets the vaccination requirements on commencement in the position.


Physical Education and Sports

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Job Closing Date

08 Dec, 2021