Ed Support Level 1-Range 4

  • Victoria State Government - Education and Training
  • Melbourne VIC, Australia
  • 12/01/2021
Part time - Fixed Term Teaching

Job Description

Location Profile

Welcome to Lalor Gardens Primary School.

At Lalor Gardens PS we acknowledge the Wurungeri people of the Kulin nation as the traditional custodians of this land. We pay respect to their elders, past present and emerging.

At Lalor Gardens Primary School, our motto of ‘Learn, Grow, Achieve; Together anything is possible’ underpins our work. We aim to develop our students as active learners, respectful, responsible, empathetic, resilient young people. As a school, we live by the following values statements

We are learners

We are respectful

We are Responsible

We care for others and the environment

We are positive and we bounce back

School Wide Positive Behaviours is a significant feature of our student engagement and wellbeing program which is specifically highlighted at the school office with our Garden of Excellence display. Students are acknowledged for their positive attitudes and behaviours to learning, to each other and the school.

We promote Student Engagement and Wellbeing as a whole school approach through careful planning and targeted programs. At Lalor Gardens Primary School we:

  • Use a Restorative Justice Philosophy
  • Utilise Positive Education and Trauma informed teaching approach (Berry Street Education Model)
  • Implement School Wide Behaviour Support System
  • Utilise the Zones of Regulation
  • Provide a calm, predictable environment
  • Explicitly teach resiliency and social skills
  • Provide an extended range of lunchtime club options
  • Promote student leadership and student voice
  • Have trained wellbeing staff on site to provide individual and small group work

At Lalor Gardens Primary School, we develop our students’ knowledge and skills in the area of Literacy and Numeracy. Staff are intent on targeting the individual needs of all students and use regular student assessment to do so.

Staff work collaboratively to plan exciting, innovative learning opportunities for the students. Our open spaces allow for teachers and classes to work together in a team teaching environment.

During the Foundation year, students participate in our Oral Language program where play based learning is used to encourage the development of English Language skills. This program supports our students to develop strong social skills which enhances their connections with their peers.

In the Early Years, language experiences are used to engage students in literacy. Our resourceful teachers foster a joy of reading, through daily exposure to high quality texts in each classroom.

We are committed to improving our student outcomes in Numeracy by targeting individual and group learning needs. We focus on the 4 core strategies and foster the development of strong number sense in our students. Our staff engage our students in Mathematics using real life examples and hands on learning. Every classroom is well resourced and every child has access to concrete materials to enhance their numeracy skills.

Lalor Gardens Primary School is located in the northwest area of Lalor close to the border with Epping and is comprised of year levels from Foundation (Prep) to Year 6.

The outstanding facilities at Lalor Gardens Primary School enable students and staff to engage in 21st century teaching and learning.

The main building houses the administration area, conference room, parent meeting room and the F-6 year level teaching and learning program and there is a natural flow from one end of the building to the other.

Each learning area contains Smartboard technology and the most modern student furniture that allows for flexibility in delivering a range of learning activities.

The main building also has smaller break out rooms for individual and small group work.

The Library is located adjacent to our 3-6 learning areas. We have ensured that we have an engaging and well-resourced library, where students participate in weekly sessions to explore a range of authors and writing styles to enhance their imagination and creativity.

The school is well equipped with a range of digital technology devices that cater for the learning needs of students at each stage of schooling.

We at Lalor Gardens Primary School are proud of our multicultural composition with over 30 cultures/ethnic groups represented.

While the composition of cultures has changed over time, the sense of belonging and acceptance of all new families to the school has enabled the school to cater for the needs of all our family groupings.

Over 70% of our students are from Language Other Than English backgrounds and this diversity has enriched all aspects of our school life.

As an inclusive and diverse school, we remain committed to promoting AUSLAN as our community language. AUSLAN is taught within each year level across our school. We recognise the role we have in developing our students as global citizens and are proud of the inclusivity and respect for diversity that learning AUSLAN will provide them in their future.

Each term there is an opportunity for the community to be involved in special activity days related to the curriculum for example Harmony Week, Education Week, Book Week and Science Week.

There is an annual end of year event to celebrate our successes and at which students perform. A school production is also held every two years.

Student Voice increasingly plays an important part of our school improvement. Currently the school has School Captains and Vice Captains, Junior School Council, Visual Arts and Performing Arts captains and a sustainability captain.

The school follows the Victorian Curriculum and our specialist classes are Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Physical Education. These programs operate within Arts/Sports complex completed in 2019.

These architecturally designed spaces cater specifically for our specialist areas. The hall itself is a full size netball/basketball court with adjoining toilet and shower facilities.

The space includes a kitchen area and this space is used by our whole school community including our out of school hours care program. The kitchen space is home to our Breakfast club program where we invite parents and students to join us in sharing a nutritious feast to start the day.

Just outside the hall is our bbq area that enables our community to come together for shared meals and whole school events.

The school grounds are surrounded by 2.1 metre tubular fencing that both ensures the safety and security of our students and the school on a daily basis but which also blends into the whole structure of the school and is non-invasive in appearance.

The school grounds are comprised of a combination of synthetic turf, natural turf, asphalted/concreted areas and rubberised bases under the playground equipment. There are three sets of playground equipment for:

  • Foundation – 2
  • 3 – 4
  • 5 - 6

The Foundation – 2 play area is located at the east end of the school adjacent to the F-2 teaching and learning areas and is for their use only.

In addition to the playground equipment, there are 4 Covered Outdoor Learning Areas that provide both shade, protection from inclement weather as well as opportunities for outdoor learning.

The synthetic turf playing areas consist of:

  • Soccer Pitch
  • Basketball Court
  • Bat Tennis Courts
  • Volley ball Court
  • Hopscotch

Asphalt and concrete areas also have a netball court and bat tennis courts.

Spaces outside the learning areas also have a range of fun learning line marking activities for the students to engage in.

Extensive seating is also provided in the outdoor areas for more passive recreation

The completion of the hall also required the relocation of the school’s frog pond, vegetable garden, chook pen and mini orchard that will continue to provide learning experiences for our students in the long term.

Our gardens and grounds are kept in immaculate condition by our contract gardeners. The actual gardens are mainly comprised of native flora and since their planting a range of native birds have made Lalor Gardens their home.

The staff at Lalor Gardens Primary School demonstrate the highest professional standards in all their interactions with students, their families and the wider community. We are all proud of our school and hope that you too will one day become a part of Lalor Gardens Primary School community.

Selection Criteria

Social Worker Selection Criteria

KSC 1: Demonstrated knowledge of student risk assessment and an excellent knowledge of Student Wellbeing including strategic interventions which build a supportive learning environment for vulnerable students.

KSC 2: Demonstrated capacity and experience to provide counselling to students and parents individually and in group settings.

KSC 3: Demonstrated ability to run support groups for students in areas of social skills development and prosocial behaviours.

KSC 4: Demonstrated experience and skills in community development and coordinating community programs to support migrant families and their children.

KSC 5: Demonstrated capacity to supervise the work of volunteers and external providers and to develop procedures and guidelines relating to the work area.


[Attendance requirement for this position]

Range 4 is distinguished by broader management responsibility, particularly in the areas of finance, human resource and other support functions. Range 4 is responsible for managing a range of functions under a wide range of conditions, subject to the size and complexity of school operations.

Objectives will, generally, be clearly defined; guidelines will be broad and day-to-day direction minimal. Management responsibility extends to ensuring appropriate support levels are maintained across the school. Range 4 generally provides key support and timely advice to the leadership team and school council and liaises with the general school community, the Department and other government agencies and service providers.

Specialised professional roles will carry a high level of independence and accountability where suitable scope is provided to achieve objectives.

An education support class position supports the educational services being provided to students, but must not include duties of teaching as defined in clause 2.6.1 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic) or its successor. Supervision of students cannot be required except where it is an integral part of the employees position or involves supervision of students individually or in small groups, in controlled circumstances, where the responsibility for students remains clearly with a teacher.


  • Manage the delivery of support services to students, teachers, parents and other school clients.
  • Ensure all external providers deliver the required service.

Who May Apply

Individuals with the aptitude, experience and/or qualifications to fulfill the specific requirements of the position.

EEO AND OHS Commitment

The Department values diversity and is committed to workforce diversity and equal opportunity in schools and all education workplaces. The Department recognises that the provision of family friendly, supportive, safe and harassment free workplaces is essential to high performance and promotes flexible work, diversity and safety across all schools and Department workplaces.

Child Safe Standards

Victorian government schools are child safe environments. Our schools actively promote the safety and wellbeing of all students, and all school staff are committed to protecting students from abuse or harm in the school environment, in accordance with their legal obligations including child safe standards. All schools have a Child Safety Code of Conduct consistent with the Department’s exemplar available at http://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/programs/health/protect/Pages/childsafestandards.aspx

DET Values

The Department’s employees commit to upholding DET’s Values: Responsiveness, Integrity, Impartiality, Accountability, Respect, Leadership and Human Rights. DET’s Values complement each school’s own values and underpin the behaviours the community expects of Victorian public sector employees, including those who work in Victorian Government Schools. Information on the DET values is available at http://www.education.vic.gov.au/hrweb/workm/Pages/Public-Sector-Values.aspx

Other Information

Qualification in Social Work desired but not essential.

Student Wellbeing and Community Engagement Officer

The position of Student Wellbeing has a focus on:

  1. Supporting the development and implementation of student wellbeing across the School.
  2. Working collaboratively to implement programs for students deemed ‘At Risk’.
  3. Providing 1:1 counselling for students dealing with emotional, social and behavioural issues/concerns.
  4. Regularly liaising with the Assistant Principal in the completion of specified duties and responsibilities
  5. Develop partnerships between the school and our parent community.

The Student Wellbeing & Engagement Officer will have the responsibility of ensuring that students within the school are supported and have access to a wellbeing officer and/or when issues arise.

The Student Wellbeing roles and responsibilities are set out below;

  • Design, implement and evaluate student support and behaviour management programs aligned to the whole school philosophy which includes the development and facilitation of support groups, according to needs. For example: Social skills groups, friendship development groups, self-esteem and resilience based programs.
  • Explore external agencies and programs which target groups of students and support families, to re-engage in their education in conjunction with the Assistant Principal
  • Be involved in the classroom to support students at risk
  • Attend school based meetings before and after school as required
  • Engage our parent community by identifying needs and seeking feedback from parents


  • Assisting and providing on-going support in the classroom environment.
  • Working directly with students and teachers to improve educational outcomes, particularly student engagement.
  • Establishing positive working relationships with parents and collaboratively building networks with outside agencies that offer specialised services which benefit students and families.
  • Working in partnership with families and school staff to further support and encourage positive student relationships, learning and emotional well-being.
  • Sharing resources with staff and parents that support DET strategies and School priorities.
  • Facilitate and manage parent sessions based on need to further promote family engagement and student supports.
  • Network with external services to provide support and personal development to our parent community.
  • Maintaining and adjusting student profile records.
  • Providing staff with up-to-date support documentation and resources that cover student well-being issues.
  • Being a source of reference for staff, students and parents in relation to current educational, emotional and social trends that impact on the youth of today.
  • Perform duties, at the request of the Principal Class that will assist in the management and welfare of students and the efficient functioning of the College.


  • Developing positive relationships with students that enhance engagement and resilience.
  • Working alongside Student Support Groups (parents, students, staff and outside agencies) for the purpose of supporting the implementation of agreed goals.
  • Working with families to work collaboratively with the school to target the wellbeing needs of students.
  • Working directly with staff to support the implementation of targeted student support programs.
  • Providing additional support to students under the dual placement program.
  • Establishing and maintaining regular contact with students who require counselling assistance.


  • Providing a flexible, clear and concise approach when dealing with student issues and concerns.
  • Establishing positive working relationships amongst staff, students, parents and specialised outside agencies and personnel.
  • Communicating with students at a level that is conducive to their individual situation.
  • Maintaining and respecting the need for a high level of confidentiality at all times.
  • Being available for staff to advise or consult in relation to student wellbeing matters.
  • Working collaboratively with the Principal Class and leadership teams of the College when dealing with mandatory reporting issues or concerns.
  • Working as an integral member of the Student Wellbeing team.
    Regular communication with parents of students of high wellbeing needs.
  • Promote student wellbeing and family engagement to our Parent Community.


  • Regularly attending Student Wellbeing meetings to discuss and offer advice and support regarding student wellbeing matters.
  • Continuously reflecting and updating student data.
  • Maintaining and updating student profile records, ensuring appropriate information is accessible to all staff.
  • Assisting with the purchase of student wellbeing professional learning reference materials.
  • In conjunction with the Student Well-being team, develop and implement processes and protocols to further assist students with specific needs.
  • Outsourcing a range of resources, including guest speakers and specialist personnel to address issues experienced by students at the school
  • Arrange family engagement experiences utilising within school and external services.

Conditions of Employment

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