Victoria Park Town Council

The Town of Victoria Park is a local government area of Western Australia. It covers an area of 17.62 km² in metropolitan Perth, the capital of Western Australia.  The Town of Victoria Park maintains 154.55 km of roads and a little over 1 km² of parks and gardens. It had a population of approximately 35,000 as at the 2016 Census.

It lies on the southern side of the Swan River, at the eastern end of the Perth CBD, and is connected to Fremantle and South Perth via Canning Highway; to the Perth CBD by Graham Farmer Freeway and The Causeway; to Belmont and Perth Airport by Great Eastern Highway and to Cannington by Shepperton Road and Albany Highway. The Perth-Armadale rail line passes through Burswood and forms the eastern boundaries of Lathlain and Carlisle.

The Town of Victoria Park is bounded on the east by the City of Belmont, on the south by the City of Canning on the west by the City of South Perth and on the north by City of Vincent and the City of Perth.