Kesser Torah College

Kesser Torah College (KTC) is a child-centred, learning-driven, Jewish Orthodox Chabad school governed by Torah and the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.  While the College operates with a Chabad ethos, it embraces all Torah-true Hashkafot (approaches) in a nurturing and stimulating environment. 

A KTC education provides the following value-add for every student:

- mastery of Torah and general academic skills and knowledge

- development of empathy, kindness, respect and tolerance

- inculcation of Yirat Shemayim (Awe of Heaven)

- academic outcomes in a learning-driven environment

- high standards and expectations

- family and community values

- quality teaching

- constant focus on improvement

- an environment that provides individuality and challenge.

The College intends that its graduates emerge from their schooling with a strong and sustainable Jewish identity, knowledgeable and motivated and equipped to act; as advocates for Eretz Israel and the Jewish people; committed members of the Jewish community; and as engaged Australian citizens.