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Teacher resume example: Free template download

Teacher resume example: Free template download

Are you looking for your next role in education and want to stand out with a compelling application? It comes down to two crucial components. A customised and well thought out cover letter and a clear and concise teacher resume that highlights your achievements. Our teacher resume example is designed to ensure you hit the mark every time.

Avoiding common mistakes such as ordering your information in a way that loses the reader, spelling and grammar mistakes, providing irrelevant information and using common resume templates that aren’t teacher specific is the difference between getting that interview and being placed on the rejected pile.

Teachers’ Professional Resumes provides you a teacher resume example that can be downloaded as a free template to ensure you are always putting your best foot forward.

The teacher resume example is full of tips and tricks and outlines the recommended flow and order of what is needed on your teacher resume. You can download and customise to your liking, following the guidelines clearly stated throughout.


Download the free teacher resume example template


ClassCover Jobs has collaborated with Teachers’ Professional Resumes to offer you tips and insights to assist you in landing your dream job.

When you are planning on applying for a teaching job, consider Teachers’ Professional Résumés to help get you started on your professional journey.  

For permanent teacher applicants, they have available for most states their $135 ONLINE PACKAGES which can be found at These are comprehensive and cover all aspects of developing a dynamic application and preparing for interview. Packages for more senior positions are also available. 

They also provide individual assistance and workshops for NSW teaching applicants. Telephone for a confidential discussion: 0411245415 or email