How Many Job Interviews Are Too Many?

How Many Job Interviews Are Too Many?

Employers are constantly hunting for the best talent to add to their departments and help them achieve their company goals. In addition to creating great job ads that attract them, they invest time and resources in the interview phase to filter out the wrong candidates. However, some companies tend to go overboard with their interviews, conducting up to seven interviews per candidate at a time!

When Multiple Interviews are Okay

Most of the time, multiple interviews may be due to laziness or the unavailability of one of the recruiters. In that case, you need to begin making changes internally or else your organization will be deemed inefficient. Do not let your ego or pride fool you into believing that candidates are desperate to be part of your company. They too value their time and will go somewhere else, probably to your competitors.

Only conduct multiple interviews if you are satisfied with the candidate and would like to learn more about them, their work ethics, and the way they carry themselves. Even then, do not go beyond the second interview if you do not want to lose your potential candidates.

How Many Interviews May Seem Too Many for Employees to Handle?

Two meetings should be enough to satisfy you and help you make up your mind. The first meeting will be for an interview and test (if applicable) whereas the second will be to see. if the first impression was consistent.

If it is a middle management position, the process may become more intricate and therefore lengthier. After all, you are looking for someone to take up a managerial position. So, inform the candidate beforehand, telling them that they will meet different department officials and go through interviews with their future superiors, the HR, and upper management.

If the number seems overwhelming, consider conducting two physical meetings and phone or virtual ones instead. Make sure to schedule the latter at the candidate’s convenience to show that you respect their time.

So, how many job interviews will you be conducting during your next hiring cycle?