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4 CV trends to keep up with in 2021

4 CV trends to keep up with in 2021

Have you got an easy-to-read, well-written, results-orientated CV which still isn’t winning you a face-to-face interview?

The problem is, that when it comes to sought-after roles, most serious candidates will have followed those very same principles. So how are you meant to make your CV stand out in a 100-deep pile of perfectly presented documents?

Well, succeeding in winning an interview for your dream role means staying ahead of the curve and following the latest industry trends closely. Here are four major CV trends to seize upon, to get your CV ready for 2021… and beyond!

1. Video CVs

It’s 2021… who says your CV can only be a paper or PDF document? After sifting through a pile of predictable black and white papers, a CV which incorporates video is a sure fire way to grab a recruiter’s attention.

No, you don’t have to list your entire work history and education in your video. Aim to create a short, snappy and engaging one to three minute video which will work alongside your original document. You could even add a QR code to your CV to make the video easily accessible to employers.

Think of it as a video version of your personal profile. It should communicate to potential employers why you’re the right person for the job. It should also highlight your most impressive skills and achievements.

Your confidence, personality and passion shine will shine through way more on a video than through text, so it’s well worth the extra time and effort.

Don’t forget to dress professionally and find an appropriate background, such as your home office – recruiters don’t want to see your dirty laundry!

2. Personal blogs

Blogging isn’t just a hobby – it’s also a great way to show off your writing and digital skills to potential employers.

Recruiters want to see candidates who are creative and passionate outside of the office walls. So if you’re not yet doing so, make it your New Year’s resolution, as there can be many benefits to blogging.

You could start a blog with topics or opinion pieces related to your professional industry to prove your interest and depth of knowledge.

But what if your blog isn’t relevant to the role you’re applying to? Well, a well-designed website full of perfectly-written, traffic-worthy SEO-optimised blogs displays some great, ultra-current, transferable skills anyway. Make sure to include it in your CV.

3. YouTube channels

Content creation is one of the most in-demand skills right now. So, if you’ve got a successful YouTube channel, you should definitely brag about it on your CV.

Having the courage and passion to put yourself out there and build a community of followers is sure to impress recruiters. Plus, if you’ve garnered a following, you’ve probably developed some fantastic skills, too. Think video production, editing, design, public speaking, social media management and marketing.

If you do decide to list your YouTube channel on your CV, make sure all the videos on your channel are appropriate for potential employers to see.

4. Side hustles

Nowadays, it’s normal for talented self-starters to have a successful side hustle alongside their full or part-time job. People often leave side-projects out of their CV. This is because they fear appearing like they have ‘eggs in too many baskets’ or that it somehow appears disloyal. But this couldn’t be further from the truth!

Showing that you’re an entrepreneur with the initiative and commitment to juggle multiple projects and earn money off your own back is sure to command attention. Make it clear that your side hustle has shaped you into a fantastic multi-tasker with a varied range of professional and business skills.

Don’t forget to quantify your side-hustle achievements, too. If you made extra income by writing blogs for a local business, by how much did this boost their website traffic? Maybe you have an online business designing flyers or brochures – did these help your clients to gain more leads or make sales? Focusing on results proves your impact to potential employers.

Take these CV trends on board!

If you want to get in the job hunting game in 2020 and beyond, may sure you keep up with these CV trends – good luck!